Thursday, August 30, 2012

Silence in the Darkness

Awake my soul!

Some days you wake in fear, dread, doubt, and confusion. These mornings, though they may be bright and sunny, can be the darkest of human emotion. If only one felt hope, then the darkest challenge would be easier to face. If only one felt hope, then the good of the day would seem possible and realistic.

The foundation of correcting the lie is silence. If a sonic silence is not possible, then a silence of soul is required. In order for the physician to heal, the patient must ask for help. He must not just ask for help but let go. That is the scariest part; all that can be seen is darkness.

The Church offers a continual prayer, the Liturgy of the Hours, said around the clock, progressing around the globe, raising a voice of praise, adoration, petition, and thanksgiving to the Most Holy Trinity, a voice in the darkness.

Do I see, feel, touch, taste, or hear this Trinity? It is only in letting go into the darkness, a letting go that must take place again and again. We live in the reality of time and must let go into He who is outside time.

In the letting go, the repetition of psalms, the reading of Scripture and the writings of Saints, the consistent repetition of phrases of Truth, does the letting go become habit. In habit grows virtue; in virtue grows sanctity; in sanctity we find the Beatific Vision.

My heart is ready, O God,
my heart is ready.
I will sing, I will sing your praise.
Awake, my soul,
awake, lyre and harp,
I will awake the dawn.
-Psalm 57

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