Sunday, May 23, 2010

Veni Creator Spiritus

Rose pedals fell through the dome of the Pantheon about noon following Mass on Pentecost.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Praying on a Run

I went for a run today.

I piled a bunch of more upbeat songs onto my "On-The-Go 1" playlist and ran wherever my heart desired. I circled Piazza Cavour, ran past Castel Sant'Angelo, and then ran up the street leading right into Saint Peter's Square. I knelt facing Saint Peter's Basilica and prayed for the newly ordained Father Jeremy Trowbridge and permanent Deacon Steven Pulkrabek, among others who were, at that moment, at the Cathedral in Rockford, Illinois in the midst of their Ordination Mass. Continuing on, I ran up a road and hill off to the south side of the square. I found a great view of the city where a wedding party was taking pictures.

As I began to wend my way through Trestevere, Father Stan Fortuna's "Unborn Victims of Violence" came on my iPod. It comments on the political situation of abominations against life with particular reference to the United States. Shortly before the song ended, I stumbled upon what I think was a celebration of the 32nd anniversary of RU-486. My iPod and this rally could not have been a coincidence. I knelt and prayed for the whole situation.

As I left, the gathered group began some sort of march. I thought how thankful I was that there was such a small crowd. In fact, the showing was rather pathetic. Then I remembered a fact I read in the Wednesday 19 May 2010 English Edition of L'Osservatore Romano: over 200,000 faithful gathered for the Holy Father's Regina Caeli Address on Sunday 16 May 2010 to show support for and solidarity with Pope Benedict XVI in light of recent scandal in the Church.

Lucifer's grip on the world is tight but our Victory has already been won.

A very blessed Pentecost to you and your family!