Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spiritual Practices

I've been told from a very reliable spiritual source never to change a spiritual practice in times of desolation. Always keep striving through the spiritual practices. As you may or may not know, I began writing here as a spiritual exercise to organize my thoughts, practice writing, etc., not really caring who saw it, just writing entirely for my own benefit. Recently I have taken a break as school started again and the semester began in full force…maybe to not pick it up again?

Well that all changed with a conversation over dinner at Scooter's when I find there are people who have discovered my writing and check frequently! And so here I am, motivated to write again…a kick in the pants from Our Beloved Lord Jesus Christ.

In keeping with the theme of spiritual practices, I have a story from my Catholic Studies class last Tuesday. My professor, Dr. Jonathan Reyes, shared a story of his family that fit in with our study of Genesis and the Creation. We were discussing the significance of six days of work and a seventh day of rest. Dr. Reyes and his wife felt a calling a few years ago to truly organize their family around observing Sunday in a special way. This included a dinner Saturday night once the vigil began and quality family time. After while of this practice, Reyes was putting his daughter to bed when she said, "Daddy? I think I figured out what Heaven is like. Heaven is like Sunday only it's every day."

When we make our time God's time and let Him control everything, He works wonders in our lives. As the semester, work, or whatever responsibilities we have pile up and our lives become hectic, let us remember to find Christ in all things and realize His powerful work in every second that is His.

We are United in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!